We do all the heavy lifting for you.
Lindustrial excavator working at the demolition of an old residential building

Clearing properties and prepping sites aren’t things you do without the right people and equipment. And you can find both right here.

GLS Land Clearing Service is a family-owned business that treats every client as an extension of their own family. We understand that your home, business or office represents so much more than just a house or a building. We appreciate and value your trust in us to provide expert attention and hassle-free care.

Your Trusty Partner in Various Projects
We have the machinery to quickly, safely, and easily move dirt, debris, and plant growth. With the dependable hands and eyes of our personnel, we clear up job sites, overgrowth, and commercial property in no time. Just set your specs and we’re good to go.

Why You Can Trust Us
GLS Land Clearing Service maintains its quality of land clearing by offering:

  • Great Attention to Detail
  • Thorough Land Clearing
  • Warm, Family-Like Customer Service
  • Year-Round Dependability
  • Winning Approach to Project Specs

Basically, we put forward the best of our crew and equipment to accomplish your projects in no time. So why not choose us?

Our Mission and Vision
As a professional land clearing service, we give you a clean and bare piece of land, devoid of vegetation and existing structures. For efficient land clearing in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia (DMV), using state-of-the-art tools and technology, consider GLS Land Clearing Service. Our skilled and experienced crew will assess your requirements and assist you with the most suitable solutions and services.

Let’s Talk
We’re ready to get started on your next land clearing job. Just call 240-831-2180 or set an appointment now.